• MeetingPack Congress 2022

    April 2022, 20th-21th | Palacio Congresos Valencia


MeetingPack 2019 was the meeting in which agents from the entire plastic packaging value chain discussed solutions and the future challenges of the circular economy of packaging.

The congress, epicenter of MeetingPack 2019, addressed trends in sustainable barrier packaging in order to facilitate the evolution of the entire packaging value chain towards a more sustainable market.

The objective of Meetingpack Virtual 2021 was to offer companies a strategic vision of the trends in the barrier packaging sector to understand the business vision and share the common challenges that the sector will face in the coming years. For this we had inspired keynotes and round tables with representation of the entire value chain and the entire type of packaging and open to the participation of all attendees. This day was the prelude to Meetingpack 2022 which, in a face-to-face format at the Valencia Conference Center and more widely, will offer a more technical vision and show the solutions and success stories that companies are putting on the market.


2022 April, 20th-21th · Palacio Congresos Valencia

  • “Innovative materials for the production of sustainable packaging”

New sustainable raw materials that guarantee resource reduction and lower environmental impact, new polymer grades, bioplastics, recycled plastic materials, coatings, etc.

  • “Sustainable films, sheets and trays”

Innovations in flexible packaging and trays with barrier properties, safe, with guaranteed product preservation and sustainable.

  • “Bottles, Injection moulded packaging, ISBM and EBM”

Latest innovations in the use of sustainable materials and their processing to obtain safe injected packaging with properties adapted to the preservation of food and beverages.

  • “Recycling processes and recyclability of barrier packaging”

Packaging eco-design strategy to optimise the recyclability of packaging materials, novel recycling processes and tools to assess the recyclability of packaging.

  • “Success stories in barrier packaging recycling and the implementation of the Circular Economy”

Example of products in the framework of the circular economy, both in the use of recycling, recyclability and the use of waste from the agri-food industry to obtain biopolymers and additives used in packaging. Strategy of user and retail companies related to the circular economy, requirements, challenges and objectives that will set the trend for packaging in the coming years.

Next edition MeetingPack, 2022 Apr 20th-21th

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