What are MP2024 awards?

The organizers of MP2024, AIMPLAS and AINIA, announce for this new edition of the event the awarding of two AWARDS of sectorial relevance.

The MP2024 AWARDS aim to recognize innovations focused on the development of BARRIER PACKAGING AND SUSTAINABILITY SOLUTIONS that have been developed by professionals and organizations for their application in the food industry. These innovations can be applicable to any of the areas of the value chain: materials, packaging, equipment, processes…

Which are the award categories?

This year, the MP Awards are divided into two independent categories:

  • Flexible packaging solutions (FILMS)
  • Rigid packaging-oriented solutions (TRAYS AND/OR BOTTLES)

At the discretion of the event organizers and in agreement with the companies that have submitted their proposals, it may be possible to display the proposed solutions in a specifically designated space in the stand area set up at the event venue (Valencia Conference Centre). Candidates will be informed of the details of this space once the deadline for the submission of applications has closed and interested parties have been informed of their admission to the process.

Who is elegible?

The MP2024 AWARDS are aimed at companies (manufacturers of material, films, sheets, preforms, packaging, packaging equipment, recycling systems, packaging systems…) that through their innovations are contributing to the development of the sector with sustainable solutions.

The applicant organization must have at least one representative participating as a registered attendee at the event.

What is involved in submitting an application?

Successful applicants will be given a designated space at the congress venue to exhibit a sample of their product or innovation. Candidates will be informed of how and where this exhibition will take place sufficiently in advance of the event so that the necessary preparations can be made.

For the three finalists in each category, it is planned to organize a specific session where they can present their project/product/innovation. This presentation will take place during the pre-event event on 9 April 2024. The details of this event and the intervention of the candidates will be appropriately coordinated with the responsible person(s) of the proposal.

When can I apply?

Applications can be submitted until 14 February, 2024.

How will the process of admission and evaluation of applications be carried out?

Candidates must complete the relevant application form by the deadline. Applicants will be notified of the admission of applications no later than fifteen days after the deadline for submission of applications.

The evaluation of applications will be carried out by an evaluation panel made up of a panel of experts belonging to different organizations: the scientific committee and organizers of the event, and relevant experts from the business, institutional, and scientific fields.

The evaluation of applications will take into account the following criteria:

  1. Verification of all the criteria required in the presentation of the candidature and the category to which it has been presented. The organization reserves the right to request additional information if required.
  2. Assessment of market impact.
  3. Assessment of technical and quality properties.
  4. Assessment of environmental properties and advantages.

When and how will the shortlisted candidates be announced?

From the candidates submitted, 3 finalists will be nominated for each category. The finalists will be informed at least 20 days before the event so that they can confirm their attendance at the preliminary presentation event and at the congress dinner where the winning candidature will be announced and the prize will be awarded.

Finalists must bring demo samples of the developed product for the presentation and subsequent exhibition during the duration of the congress.

When will the award ceremony take place?

The awards ceremony will take place during the MP2024 gala dinner on the evening of 10 April 2024.

The companies shortlisted as finalists will be informed in advance and a representative of their company may attend the gala dinner as a guest in order to receive the award from the organizers and/or sponsoring companies and, when appropriate, the prize.

The two finalists who are awarded the prize will receive recognition as such and will also receive invitations for 2 people from their company for the next edition of the event.

What should be considered when applying?

Entries must be made by those persons or companies owning them, who submit the entry to the MP2024 Awards (or whoever has their written authorization to do so, who will act as their representative). Proposals must not infringe the rights of third parties, especially avoiding the infringement of industrial and/or intellectual property rights of third parties. For this reason, the owner of the proposal and the representative, if applicable, will be responsible for the legality of the proposal, exempting the Organization from any liability that may arise from third-party claims. The Organization reserves the right to withdraw, even as a preventive measure, any proposal submitted, without this implying any prejudgment as to its legality or any liability for the Organization, unless, logically, there is fraudulent intent in its actions.

The submission of proposals to the MP2024 awards implies the observance and acceptance of these rules.



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